Of failing in baking. Repeatedly.

 photo bakingfail24_zpsd4a58f84.jpeg

The recipe for Martha’s pistachio cupcakes with raspberries looked so promising. And boy, did they look pretty after they left the oven! The cupcakes were studded with magenta berries and chopped almonds. But did they taste as good as they looked? Sorry to disappoint, but no. I did like the tartness of the berries and the crunchiness of the almonds but the cupcake itself was dense and not light at all. I declared the recipe a miss and moved on to try new recipes.

Since I liked the combination of berries with almonds I decided to add them to my magdalenas. The result was okay but not outstanding. They were magdalenas with berries and almonds on top, that’s all. Remember when I wrote over muffins that were more than the sum of their parts? The math didn’t add up in this case.

Then I thought: Hey how about adding chocolate to the mix! Bad idea. The cupcakes turned dry and slightly bitter. I was at my wit’s end. It was time to admit defeat and to focus on brighter things. Like on the lemon squares that I baked last year around Easter! I should have known better. The lemons were somehow bitter which did no good to the lemon squares. But hope’s not lost yet! I recently got my hands on Fiona Cairn’s recipe book bake & decorate and got my eyes on some recipes. Keep your fingers crossed!


5 comments on “Of failing in baking. Repeatedly.

  1. cookingwgabi says:

    If you like to have light and moist cupcakes, try using a cup of pureed fruit. I love using pureed peaches or pears when I make any kind of cupcake…adds a bit of natural sweetness, then you don’t need to add as much sugar and they sure are moist!

  2. This looks so wonderfully delicious. It is 220am and you have me feeling hungry πŸ™‚ I will certainly give this recipe a try. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to learning from you in the future πŸ™‚ I recently started a food blog too and hopefully will have it as informative as yours πŸ™‚ Natasha

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