Hard times are always followed by good ones

 photo cecelia_zps2500d33f.jpegA couple of months ago I was hitting the big box stores to look for a new phalaenopsis. The first store I went to was a disappointment. They had few phals, most of them were your ordinary purple and white ones. And white dendrobiums on the clearance rack. How boring is that? Bummer! And I went all the way to the store, including taking the metro for one hour and even getting lost once.

But my second trip to another big box store made up for all this. It was the same place where I bought my other phal so I knew they had some variety. Moreover, that week there was a special offer on phals and they just got new shipments! Awesome! In the end I chose a phal from the clearance rack. It had a pattern I’ve never encountered before: White with gorgeous purple markings. It reminded me of hand painted porcelain, so pretty. I was smitten.

My chosen one wasn’t in the best shape: Very few roots which is never a good sign. The newest leaf was much smaller than the one before it, its growth must have been stunted. And it was dehydrated, limp leaves and all. But it had a lot of buds which promised me lots of pretty flowers! Or so I thought. And did I mention that it was only 2 €? I pay more for two scoops of gelato.

At home several of the promising buds blasted. And the ones still left never opened fully, only halfway for reasons I can’t determine. And while I was away for vacation, those flowers wilted away. Buhu. But when I watered my plants last week I found this:

 photo root2_zps97c7c0c5.jpegRoot growth! And lots of it. Old roots are putting out new growth which is amazing. Since I was worried about the state of the roots it’s reassuring to see improvement. Patience and watering schedule are paying off! Since summer hasn’t quite left yet I’m sticking to weekly watering with a bit of weak fertilizer. And roots aren’t the only thing the orchid is growing! There is a new leaf peeking out from the crown. Great! I’m hoping that the plant will get stronger and when time comes there will be lots of pretty flowers for me to enjoy.


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