These jewels I’ve found

 photo earringfinal_zps7cc6525e.jpeg

I don’t know what’s up with me. Going on an eight-hour shopping spree and finding nothing clothes-wise. And then going on another spree for 5 hours the week after that and still nothing. If my feet weren’t so sore, I would believe it was all a dream. Which it was not since my feet hurt like hell.

Nothing I saw in the stores really impressed me. Usually, I’m like: Ooh, so cute! Pretty, pretty. Gorgeous. Need to try this on. This is beautiful! But that time I just thought: Seen this, seen that. Ugh, ugly color. Who wears this? Boring, boring. Next store, please.

Whenever I can’t find any clothes I like I tend to go for jewelry. There’s always pretty jewelry to swoon over. You know those small stores where they sell nothing but cute fashion jewelry and accessories? Paradise. I’m partial to earrings because you can wear them with everything. Unlike necklaces where you always need to think about the neckline.

1) When I was in the UK I found those amazing brilliant red earrings at Topshop. They were absolutely breathtaking. I didn’t buy them and regretted it ever since. These red ones captivated me with their sleek lines and firy color. Simple but very eye-catching. Looks especially nice with black hair and red lipstick!

2) This necklace looks stunning around my neck but even better as headband. It has the perfect length for my head and all I need to do is securing it with bobby pins. Done! I just go and pretend to be an everyday princess.

3) Pure elegance. These rosy peachy earrings go with anything and add a touch shine to any look. Fun fact: The flowers can fully rotate.

4) We’ve seen a lot of ear cuffs and ear wraps hit the stores. This one took me some time to figure out how to wear it but it looks amazing. Just like a bejeweled earpiece!


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