Orchid bug: 1. Me: 0.

 photo maphals3_zps60037476.jpeg

It’s over. The orchid bug has gotten hold of me. I tried to resist it for as long as I could but with a mother whose windowsill is brimming with those plants and with my fondness of flowers, the outcome was predictable. I stood no chance. How could I when these little buggers come in so many shapes and colors?

I’m particularly drawn to phalaenopsis. Especially the ones with unusual colors and patterns. I don’t care for the plain white ones or the ones which are white with a pink lip. I find them quite boring. But picotee or deep color make my heart sing!

 photo maphals2_zpsc389b0a0.jpeg

Right now I’m quite enamored by the Doritaenopsis Purple Martin. It’s a phal with lavender flowers. Purple and blue are my favorite colors, so this color is perfect! And that’s not all. The flowers are fragrant and it seems like the plant stays in bloom for a long time! I’ve been looking up a few nurseries that sell Dtps. Purple Martin online and it’s way more affordable than I expected. The only downside is the fact that most nurseries demand a minimal purchase order value. And the Purple Martin sells for less than that so most nurseries add a low order fee. And I would have to pay shipping, too. Not to mention the hassle with actually being home and receiving the package. I heard horror stories where the mailman just gives the package to someone in the same building without informing the adresser. I think I’m going to wait till next spring and buy one at the local nursery if they have it. Just need to be patient…


One comment on “Orchid bug: 1. Me: 0.

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Hi there, congratulations to you on being bitten by the orchid bug! I love your orchid photos and you can visit one of my gardening websites at http://queenslandorchid.wordpress.com

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