Sister, sister, she stole her brother’s clothes

 photo brothersweater3_zps3696a75d.jpeg

 From now on I shall be known as the sister who stole her brother’s clothes.

Well, stealing may be too harsh a word. It’s more like giving the cable knit sweater a purpose other than sitting forgotten and unloved in my brother’s closet. Anyway, my brother should be happy that I liberated him from what he calls a mispurchase.

It was roughly a year ago when my brother and I went off to find him suitable clothes. I discovered this lovely gem of sweater in the boys’ section and showed it to my brother. It was a pretty thing, the outside lightly bleached so that the cable knit stood out against the rest. One could see the original color of the sweater by rolling up the sleeves. After little discussion the sweater was purchased and taken home where it was put into my brother’s closet and never seen again.

Until a year later, brother and sister went off again to find new clothes. And found the exact sweater in one store. I told my brother: “If you’re not going to wear it, then give it to me.” Brother shrugged and said nothing. And so I went home and liberated the poor sweater from its bleak place.

 photo brothersweater2_zps7fc668e0.jpeg

So that is how I came in possession of this fine sweater. But how should I wear it without looking like a sister who’s wearing her brother’s things?

I went with pairing the loose-fitting sweater with slim, dark red pants. Slim because it balances the oversized top and red because I think it makes the blue look much richer and deeper. Whereas with normal jeans it would look pretty grey and washed out. The sleeves rolled up since they are too long, because I wanted to show off the dark blue of the insides and to offset the width of the sleeves with a peek of my wrist. Hair swept up to draw attention to the neck. Gold necklace, red earrings and red lipstick to add bling and glam.

Don’t worry, I usually don’t put that much thought into dressing myself. It’s just that I can look really silly and boyish if I don’t pay attention to what I’m wearing. And I really want to avoid that.


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