Great week for phalaenopsis

It has been a busy week for my phals:

 photo Delilahbudnflower_zps1fe4b800.jpeg

The small phal bloomed! And I totally forgot how deep the color is. Look how dark the lip is! It’s so adorable. I was quite surprised when I came back from vacation in October and saw that the spike reactivated and grew several buds.  This plant had this year’s first bloom in July so I wasn’t expecting new buds so quickly after that. You can still see the first flower of the last bloom. Such a hard worker.

 photo DelilahNov2013Habitus_zps1bc1d1b1.jpeg

Besides growing buds it’s also working on a new leaf. It’s taking it very slow though. I noticed the new leaf at the end of August. So it has been almost three months and it’s still so small? I guess it’s putting all energy into the flowers.

 photo DelilahNov2013leafnroot_zpsf40ff2f3.jpeg

For the last couple of months the bottom leaves have slowly turned yellow and dry and then dropped. At first I wasn’t concerned but now it’s probably the fourth leaf. Is this still normal? However, the roots look fine to me. Since a new leaf is growing I will sit back and observe.

 photo CeceliaNov2013Habitus_zpsf6bedba7.jpeg

I believe that my other phal is a Minho Princess lookalike. The flowers look very similar. Of course I will never know for sure since this plant came without an ID and I don’t even know which nursery it’s from.  This is one drawback of buying orchids at a big box store. On the other hand, they are super cheap there.

My Minho Princess lookalike hasn’t slacked off, either. I bought it in bloom in June and at the end of August it started growing a new leaf. Compared to the other phal it had a head start of one week but look how big the leaf already is!

 photo CeceliaNov2013spikenroot_zps022e21c9.jpeg

In addition, I discovered a growth in a leaf axis this week. I’m pretty sure it’s a spike since this would be an odd place to grow a new root. So exciting! It probably will take a few months until the flowers appear. This will be the first bloom since I got it so it’s special to me. The roots have been doing good, too.


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