The best Christmas present

 photo rollingpin1_zps2595db2d.jpeg

What could this be? Any idea? A hint: It’s one of a kind and super useful in the kitchen. Everyone should have one.

 photo rollingpin2_zps9fbbb8a0.jpeg

Do you recognize it now? Come on…

 photo rollingpin3_zps63518c8c.jpeg

Ha, did you guess right? It’s a rolling pin. A custom-made rolling pin, if I might add. So why did this piece of wood got me so excited?

Lately I’ve been really into trying out new savory dishes. While I tend to test at least one new recipe for dessert in a month, I haven’t much expanded my culinary horizon on the savory side. But I’m determined to change that! So far I’ve been trying my hand at making gyozas and tortillas from scratch. Unfortunately my attempts weren’t very successful. In both cases, the dough needs to be rolled out – and I didn’t own a rolling pin. Instead I had to make do with a jar which didn’t go well. I needed a proper rolling pin. My mom has one, steel body with wooden handles, but I find it heavy and hard to wield.

I wanted something like a French or Asian rolling pin: a simple wooden body, no handles. Sadly, rolling pins like these aren’t sold anywhere I live. And I didn’t want to order one online since with things like this, I find it better to actually test before buying. So what now? My brother then offered to make me one for Christmas. He bought a plain broomstick, sawed off a piece, sanded everything until it was super smooth and voilà! My very own rolling pin! He even added my initials on one end with wood burning. Pretty neat!

And how does this rolling pin fare, you might ask. It’s awesome. I made some tortillas last week and it was easy to roll them thin and even. I still can’t roll them into circles though, they end up as squares! The rolling pin is 2,5 cm wide and 28 cm long which means it doesn’t take up much space in the cupboard. And since it’s wood, it’s also very lightweight. And it’s handy for knocking out thieves if they come to rob you of your cookies in the middle of the night.


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