First rebloom of Phal. Minho Princess look-alike

 photo CeceliaFlower20140403_zps3cd21828.jpeg

In 136 days the spike went from being a tiny nub to a fully grown spike with ten buds and one bloom. Those were 136 days well spent because I fell in love with this plant all over again.

 photo CeceliaFlower20140403a_zps3bbbc3e3.jpeg

The flower is gorgeous. Cream background color with faint and bold purple stripes, which look like brush strokes. Yellow splashes on the lip. So gorgeous. I can see why someone named a similar looking hybrid “Minho Princess”. It’s definitely a princess.

 photo CeceliaFlower20140403b_zps10b221f7.jpeg

It’s the first flowering since I bought this plant which is always interesting. When you buy a phalaenopsis in bloom it’s usually the very first flowering of the plant which means the flower count, size and shape can change. In addition it has been grown in a greenhouse with better conditions than you could ever achieve at home. Due to young age of the orchid and the change in growing conditions the first flowering at your place will be different.

 photo CeceliaFlower20140403c_zps85eaad81.jpeg

Compared to the first flowering the flower count is lower (11 vs. 14). However, the flower size improved (8,4 cm vs. 7,7 cm) which is great. Next time I’m hoping for a higher flower count and more branching. That would be nice. I didn’t stake the spike because I like the unstaked look better. There is something utterly elegant and breathtaking about a branch of blooms arching away from the plant. I can’t wait to see the plant in full bloom, it will be a beautiful sight.


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