No more buying bottled water

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That’s it. I brought back the last returnable water bottles to the store. No more. No more lugging heavy bottles back home. No more empty bottles in the corner to be returned. No more returning bottles. Instead, all I need to do if thirst strikes me is to pull out my reuseable water bottle filled with tap water and I’m good. So why did it take me so long to convert from bottled water to tap water?

I did start drinking tap water years ago. At home. But when I’m not at home, for instance, at the university,¬† I then rely on bottled water. I thought about getting a reuseable water bottle before but what stopped me was the fact that I couldn’t find one that pleased me. Most reuseable bottles have a sporty look which isn’t my taste. Or they want to be super innovative products with lots of special features which I don’t need. The Bobble one is a good example. I don’t like the bright cap colors but I could deal with them. What I can’t deal with is the carbon filter which needs to be replaced regularly.

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All I asked for is simple bottle that is easy to use and nice to look at. Minimalistic Design. And who does that better than the Scandinavians? There is the Retap bottle which I find very pretty, almost like a perfume bottle. Unfortunately, it’s not leak-proof. But the Eva Solo one is! That’s the one I got in the end.

The Eva Solo bottle is made of a material called tritan, which looks very much like glass. You can’t tell the difference until you actually touch it. The cap is steel and comes with a strap attached to it. At first I wasn’t sure about the strap. But it’s really convenient to hold the bottle with it, especially if your hands are occupied. The bottle holds about 570 mL if you fill it almost to the rim.

There is a story about how I came to this bottle. I saw it listed in several online stores but I was reluctant to order because I wanted to see it in person first plus I didn’t want to pay for shipping. Therefore I contacted Eva Solo to find out where I could purchase this product in Hamburg. The Eva Solo team’s response came quickly and was helpful, they gave me names of several stores. And one of them turned out to have their 50th anniversary and offered a 20% discount on everything. Everything! How great is that? That sealed the deal with the Eva Solo bottle. I love coincidences like that

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