Phal. Minho Princess look-alike in full bloom

 photo CeceliaFlower20140507a_zps05b3f99f.jpeg

The Phal. Minho Princess look-alike is in full bloom now. Doesn’t it look absolutely stunning? When I bought the phalaenopsis last summer I knew it would look really pretty in full bloom. But as I wrote before that didn’t happen. So this is the first time I’ve seen it with every flower open and it’s better than I could have ever imagined. I love how the flowers cascade down and create movement for the eye to follow. I will definitely stick to not staking the spikes.

 photo CeceliaFlower20140507_zps37062b60.jpeg

The back is really pretty, too. At first the color is a faint green shade which later turns into a soft pink. The striping is much more noticeable from the back, too. This flowering taught me that you don’t necessarily need a fancy setup like growing under lights or RO water or special fertilizers in order to get a nice display of flowers. Just a windowsill, plain tap water and a basic fertilizer.

 photo CeceliaFlower20140507b_zps89db5d46.jpeg

When one of the buds opened up I was surprised to see that the flower looked different from the others. There was much more striping! I’ve seen such irregularities on orchid forums but never in person. It’s quite  interesting, isn’t it? At some point the plant got a bit confused, I think.


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