Phalaenopsis Purple Martin

 photo PhalPurpleMartin1_zps5dcabf78.jpeg

As you know from my post here I’ve been dreaming of getting a Phal. Purple Martin. So one weekend I finally took a trip to the local orchid nursery, Orchideen Rehbein, which is run by an elderly woman. The room where Renate Rehbein sells her orchids is tiny, equipped with a few tables on which the plants are displayed. I remember seeing a lot of phalaenopsis, a couple of paphiopedilums and a few masdevallias. There were quite some pretty flowers but my eyes zoomed right in on the Purple Martins. I wanted the strongest plant which means: lots of healthy roots, spikes and buds. Funny enough, after I thought I made my decision, the owner brought out another plant that she kept separate for decorative purposes. It was the best plant out of that bunch. So I bought it.

 photo Phalpurplemartin2_zps106a75d8.jpeg

The color is amazing! It reminds me of Milka chocolate, that kind of shade. And the dark purple lip is adorable. It does look as if the flower is pouting. Flower size is about 3 cm. One reason why I wanted this hybrid so much was the fragrance. It smells like herbs and a bit spicy but you need to get really close to notice it. On sunny days the scent is stronger but this isn’t a flower that will give you a headache.

 photo Phalpurplemartin3_zps9020efe0.jpeg

I really want to grow it well so that it will be strong enough to produce lots of spikes and flowers for me. I’ve seen pictures of older plants and they are amazing! Phal. Purple Martin is capable of flowering on several spikes at the same time which is a huge plus in my books.

 photo Phalpurplemartin4_zpsb2dda4fb.jpeg

Right now I need the plant to adjust to my growing conditions. It sits in a 10 cm clear plastic pot potted in bark, inside a clear glass vase on my windowsill with my other phals. In the picture above you can see that there is  a second spike forming buds which really makes me really excited. And just like my other phalaenopsis root growth has kicked in.


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