I’m sorry

 photo Hope_zpsd7a2136b.jpeg

In January I wrote how I thought I got the hang of growing phalaenopsis. At that time my purple phalaenopsis gifted me with eight beautiful flowers. I was overjoyed. How well would the plant next time, I mused. Maybe eight flowers again? Or even more? Well, I can answer this question now: Three. Three measly flowers. Three! To say that I wasn’t disappointed would be a lie. And I thought things were going so well! The flower stem grew long and strong. Roots were everywhere.

 photo Hope1_zpse77e1295.jpeg

That was the state when I left to spend some time away. When I returned I saw how the spike began to grow some buds again. Right now it looks like there will be three buds. It’s still less than I was expecting. However, there is a new spike forming so I’m hoping for a better flower count again.

 photo Hope2_zps1aefb8b1.jpeg

The Minho Princess look-alike is in spike, too. Last time it took four months for the first flower to open. The plant can take its time but I expect a marvellous flower display!

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