Autumn brings change along

Summer is leaving to make space for autumn. There is more rain than sunshine. And I’ve started to wear my thick pair of socks. The seasons are changing. Not only the seasons. I’m about to leave home for a place of my own (even if it’s just the dorms), I’m starting university¬† and I won’t be able to see my family everyday. Everyone (including the law) says that when you reach 18 then you’re an adult. Legally yes but I say that it’s the time when you leave home – that’s becoming an adult. Emotionally. I’m pretty nervous about that. New environment, new faces – lots of things to deal with. And at the moment, I just don’t want to face it.

Besides that, this blog has changed, too. New theme, new header, new name. I had the impression that the original theme Koi didn’t manage to convey the content. It wasn’t clean enough, the columns not big enough, the header wasn’t distinctive. Quintus on the other hand, looks lovely! The header was made with a stock photo (Autumn stock1 by sacmaluk). Love the colors, the purple, violet and then this pop of warm orange…