Mirror, mirror in my pocket

PhotobucketOne of the things I dreaded most when I got into make up were panda eyes – smeared mascara and eyeliner. Quel horreur! Nowadays I’ve got my friends and family trained to tell me if that happens (trust me, that involved a lot of training!). And I got my trusty pocket mirror.

Well, three actually. One on my desk where I do my make up since I’m blind as bat without my glasses and need my mirror super close to my eyes. One in my bag, so that I can prevent panda eyes and touch up my lipstick. And one that stays in my make up pouch all the time so that I never forget bringing a mirror with me on travel. That happened once and it was really aggravating.


The story behind the scarf


We love stories. Especially good ones. And we are curious. Where does that come from? Who made this? Where did you buy this? Ever read a perfume advertisement? They tell you amazing and colorful stories about the fragrance but you should take them with a grain of salt.

Then what’s the story behind the scarf? The boring and honest answer would be something like this: I found it in a thrift store. It was  only 2.50€ and I liked the print so I grabbed it and paid. At home I discovered a tear at one corner, which was quickly fixed with a bit of sewing.

Now with more imaginativeness and enthusiasm: I found this at a thrift store. I was about to pay when I discovered a box with items that were 2.50€ each. Why not? Maybe you’ll find something nice!, I thought. And there was this really long scarf with this lovely  and exotic print and it was only 2.50€! For this amount of money you can’t get something that pretty in an ordinary store. At home I wondered – whom did it belong to? I’ve never seen such a long scarf. Maybe it belonged to an Indian, which wore it as a sari? Or was it worn as a head cloth? And how did this beautiful scarf end up at that store? Did the previous owner sell it because she needed money? Or didn’t she want it anymore? Did she tear that corner and decided to part with it? I guess, those are question which will be left unanswered. As for me, I love wearing this scarf with my grey coat. It’s such a romantic look!


Fuchsia, let’s become friends!

This pair of ear studs are a find at the dollar store. I was looking at the jewelry section – rather out of habit than because of hoping to find anything – when I saw it next to other jewelry looking as cheap as their price. These ear studs don’t. The big fuchsia stone reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring. The subtle glitter was an instant love but I wasn’t sure about the color since I’ve never had such bright-colored ear studs. At home I pulled out some clothes that I could possibly with my new purchase.


Turquoise and mint sprung immediately into my mind since they are perfect for a summer look with bright fuchsia. Rich and calm blue is also a color that pairs beautifully with this color.  And kiwi green and fuchsia are a fruit salad to wear.

The bottom row shows nothing new: bright color looks always good with neutrals like grey, greyish brown and of course, black. No surprise here. Fuchsia isn’t that difficult to wear!

Sparkling in the Sun

Are glasses accessories?

In order to get the driver license you have to pass a visual screening – which I failed. Well, I had to get new glasses, didn’t I? Since new glasses needed to be fitted into my frame I thought: New glasses, new frame!
The one I was wearing at that time was icy blue and oval, thus I wanted something different, more rectangular. Moreover, my face is quite round therefore some edges will balance out the roundness.
Entering the store with my dear Mum as assistant by my side and contact lenses in my eyes (never choose frames without lenses, you won’t be able to distinguish finer details!) I waited till a store clerk came to guide me on the quest after the FRAME. Poor, poor woman. She approached us smiling politely without knowing that she would spend long hours carrying and choosing frames for me, none would appeal to me. Too small, too big, too dark, too boring, too –
In the end, I opted for a silver, no, I must say platinum to do it justice, Gianfranco GF 326 in the color 001 Palladium Black. That’s the FRAME. I like the way it sparkles while it’s hit by sun. Sparkling, shiny platinum color, which one recognizes from far away. The sides are black with silver details, very classic. I think, it’s the contrast between the classic sides and the shiny shiny rim in the front, which makes this frame that outstanding for me.
This frame surrounds one with an air of confidence and sophistication, which attracts me. Luckily, otherwise the quest would have been even longer. And who knows how much longer the store clerk would have put up with my difficult taste!

Yes, glasses can be considered as accessories when they’re chosen with care to enhance your own personality and style and not only because of practical reasons.


Sont-elles des accessoires, les lunettes?

Pour passer son permis il faut faire un test visuel auquel, malheureusement, je n’ai pas réussit. C’est pourquoi je devrait aller chez l’oculiste pour avoir des nouveaux verres à lunettes. Puisque j’ai réçu des nouveaux, je m’ai pensé: Des nouveaus verres, une nouvelle monture de lunettes!
Comme celle que j’ai portée en ce moment-là a des verres ovales j’ai voulu des verres un peu plus anguleux. Et puisque mon visage est plein un peu d’arêtes seraient bien.
En entrant dans le magasin avec Mama et des lentilles souples (n’achetez jamais une monture de lunettes sans lentilles, vous ne verrez rien!) j’ai attendu justqu’à-ce que une femme soit venue pour nous servir. Pauvre femme! Car je suis très difficile. Elle était très patiente tout en cherchant beaucoup de montures de lunettes pour moi. Malheureusement, pas une qu’elle a choisie m’a plue. Trop petite, trop grande, trop foncée, trop ennuyeuse, trop –
Enfin, j’ai décidé de prendre une monture de lunettes de Gianfranco Ferré. GF 326 en couleur 001 Palladium Black, c’est elle, la mienne. Elle me plaît beaucoup grâce à sa couleur ressemblant au platine. Cette monture de lunettes étincèlle au soleil. Mon frère m’a dit qu’il pouvait me reconnaître de loin parce que mes lunettes étincèllent fortement. Les branches sont noires avec des détails argentés, l’emblème de Gianfranco Ferré. Très chic!
Ces lunettes me donnent l’air confident et chic ce qui me plaît bien. Par bonheur, autrement, la quête serait beaucoup plus longue et la femme dans la magasin perdrait patience!

Oui, les lunettes peuvent être des accessoires mais puisqu’on les porte toujours il faut les choisir bien. Elles doivent alles bien avec la personnalité et le style.

Up, Down, Reward

Photobucket Photobucket

The first week at school after Easter was full of high and lows since the exams were given back. My mood went up, down, down, up. Maths was good although I expected to get full marks. Nevertheless, I’m still pleased. The excercise with three doors? My answer was right! Mum owed me a Popsicle!

After such an exhausting week it’s reasonable to enjoy the weekend, isn’t it? Complaining that I had to return books I managed to convince Dad and thus organized a ride for me. I don’t like riding on bus and train much and avoid them as much as possible by riding a bike or by asking someone to drive me. Well, since the library is near the shopping center we went there, too. Dad and my brother looked for a new bike whereas I went to H&M and C&A. Having arrived at my favorite store I was immediately taken in with The Garden Collection By H&M. This tunic is gorgeous but you remember that I already have a similar one, don’t you? It’s a pity!

This summer I intend to add two garments to my wardrobe: A patterned blouse and Breton shirt. On that day I’ve already seen both but I didn’t want to pay the price of the blouse, hence, it wasn’t allowed to go with me. I’ll just wait till its price goes down or till I found another pretty cheaper blouse. At C&A this Breton shirt just dangled innocently in front of my wating to be picked up. How could I resist such an irresistible offer? Well, as you can see I couldn’t. Moreover, the price was great!

Adding to that I purchased a golden necklace with tiny ornaments looking like tiny fans and cream flower barrettes, which I intended to redo into brooches. Bus as they’re already surprisingly versatile I won’t. It’s funny how much inspiration I take from Internet and literature. For when I laid my eyes upon this necklace I immediately thought of the lavish jewelry created by The Glamourai. And of Victor Hugo’s gypsy Esmeralda dancing with lots of jingling golden chains. Flowers begin to bloom which is why I couldn’t wait to have somme flower barrettes/brooches to go with.

While considering a garment I always try to picture it in a look. This time I did it rather unconsciously but as I went home I put on all my purchased items – they just fit together! They create a laid-back and cool look (Breton shirt) with a touch of bohemian mysterious bling (necklace) and somewhat delicate and fragile (flower barrettes). An intriguing look, which I can’t wait to wear outside. Paired with a pair of shorts, of course!
Who knew that success tastes like Popsicle?

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Flowers Everywhere


You’ve already known that I love to add brooches everywhere. At the moment all my purses are decorated by flower brooches adding a splash of color.

My first purse is green like a kiwi and I still had a elastic with an orange flower attached to it at home. Fresh green and orange complement each other well, they’re a match in heaven, hence the decision was easily made.
Another time I bought a purse made of dark blue leather, which appears rather solemn. But with the aid of a cheerful pink blossom it’s now less serious.

I really want more nice brooches and I’ve already seen some being sold at H&M but they’re of a quite big size. A smaller size would be great. If you see a nice brooch somewher, please think of me!

Vous avez déjà su la dernière fois que j’aime bien attacher des broches partout. En ce moment, tous mes sacs à main sont décorés par des grandes fleurs ajoutant de la couleur.

Mon premier sac à main est vert clair et j’avait encore un élastique pour cheveux à laquelle une fleur orange est attachée. Orange et vert clair, c’est un mariage parfait, ils se complètent.
Une autre fois j’ai acheté un sac à main bleu foncé qui fait une impression trop sérieuse à mon avis. C’est pourquoi, ajouter une grande fleur rosée le fait plus joueux et moins sérieux. Parfait pour moi!

J’ai vu des broches vendues chez H&M mais je cherche des plus petites broches. Si vous voyez une belle broche, pensez à moi!

GACKT: Konayuki

I like this:
J’aime cette chanson.

video credit: 3325993

Especially the falsetto at 5:55 ist lovely!
La haute part à 5:55, le fausset de GACKT!


It seems like GACKT has taken in liking in wearing scarfs, doesn’t it? I wish I could wear them loosely like GACKT does in this shot but unfortunately my sensitive throat doesn’t get along at all with the tiniest cold and wind.
You can watch the video MOshimo Tour 13/6/2009 with GACKT here.<

Ces derniers temps GACKT a l’air d’aimer des écharpes, n’est-ce pas? Je souihaiterais que je pourrais porter une écharpe comme lui. Mais puis je deviendrai très vite malade puisque ma gorge est très sensible.
Vous pourriez regarder la video ici.