These jewels I’ve found

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I don’t know what’s up with me. Going on an eight-hour shopping spree and finding nothing clothes-wise. And then going on another spree for 5 hours the week after that and still nothing. If my feet weren’t so sore, I would believe it was all a dream. Which it was not since my feet hurt like hell.

Nothing I saw in the stores really impressed me. Usually, I’m like: Ooh, so cute! Pretty, pretty. Gorgeous. Need to try this on. This is beautiful! But that time I just thought: Seen this, seen that. Ugh, ugly color. Who wears this? Boring, boring. Next store, please.

Whenever I can’t find any clothes I like I tend to go for jewelry. There’s always pretty jewelry to swoon over. You know those small stores where they sell nothing but cute fashion jewelry and accessories? Paradise. I’m partial to earrings because you can wear them with everything. Unlike necklaces where you always need to think about the neckline.

1) When I was in the UK I found those amazing brilliant red earrings at Topshop. They were absolutely breathtaking. I didn’t buy them and regretted it ever since. These red ones captivated me with their sleek lines and firy color. Simple but very eye-catching. Looks especially nice with black hair and red lipstick!

2) This necklace looks stunning around my neck but even better as headband. It has the perfect length for my head and all I need to do is securing it with bobby pins. Done! I just go and pretend to be an everyday princess.

3) Pure elegance. These rosy peachy earrings go with anything and add a touch shine to any look. Fun fact: The flowers can fully rotate.

4) We’ve seen a lot of ear cuffs and ear wraps hit the stores. This one took me some time to figure out how to wear it but it looks amazing. Just like a bejeweled earpiece!


Thinking about green


It’s pretty much impossible for me to pass a jewelry store without throwing a longing glance at the display window. More often than not, I end up not only looking at the pieces from outside but from the inside. Fortunately, it’s mostly fashion jewelry, and fortunately, in most cases that’s all I do. Just admiring and satisfying my hunger for beauty and bling. I’m happy to have seen it but I don’t have to buy and own it.

At the train station where I change trains, there’s a small store that sells fashion jewelry. I love this store. The jewelry is sorted by color and it’s a pleasure to browse through the assortment since I’m drawn to specific colors. I like blue and green and purple whereas red and black and white leave me cold. It was in that store where I found a pair of stunning earrings in light green. So pretty! I left the store but couldn’t stop thinking about the earrings. Nights were spend mulling over them and in the end I walked into the store (not the one where I discovered them) and bought them. They were irresistible! With my dark hair they really stand out. And green looks lovely paired with purples and blues and greens. (I’m thinking of the dresses I purchased during the after-Christmas sales but that’s another story.)

DIY: Make a choker, take a bracelet

PhotobucketBracelets are impractical. On my right wrist they get in my way when I’m writing.On my left wrist they always bump against my watch. So, yes, I believe that I’m not made to wear bracelets.

But chokers, on the other hand, are lovely. I find it’s incredibly sensual and attractive when there is a necklace hugging the neck, sitting above the collarbone, emphasizing the long lines. But chokers are also incredibly hard to find in jewelry stores.

PhotobucketOne day I was perusing bracelets in a store. They were so pretty! Much prettier than the necklaces sold there. Sadly, I can’t stand to wear bracelets. But I really wanted this one bracelet and I wanted to wear it. But not on my wrist. So we’re here, turning a bracelet into a choker.
PhotobucketYou need:

  • a bracelet
  • a strong string like nylon
  1. Twist the jump ring open so that the chain isn’t connected to the bracelet anymore.
  2. Take the string and tie to the bracelet and to the chain.
  3. Now put your new choker around your neck and admire your handiwork.

DIY: Earring holder

PhotobucketAll my live I’ve had white walls in my bedroom. And I hated them with passion. White is so nondescript, boring. While my parents and my brother got lovely green and blue wall colors I got stuck with white because of Feng Shui. And even at my new place I’ve got white walls! It was exasperating! But who am I to let it get me down. So here is a tutorial for an earring holder, that adds color to terrible white walls.

You need:

  • a frame
  • nylon string
  • adhesive tape


  1. Take your frame and remove the back and front, you’ll only need the actual frame. Decide which side will hang horizontally.
  2. Cut three pieces of nylon string which are about 10cm longer than the horizontal side. Braid them and knot the end. Tie each end to the frame so that you get a horizontal line. Secure with adhesive tape to prevent the braid to slip down.
  3. Cut a piece of nylon string and knot one end around the top part of the frame. Use the other end to hang up the frame.


There you have it! Your earring holder is finished and ready to hold all your colorful earrings. Put them in by pushing the hook or stud through your braided strings. That ensures that your earrings won’t fall off that easily. I added bright ribbons to the frame as well as a long necklace. In addition, I have lots of flower barrettes which I stuck to the nylon string. Very pretty! This earring holder is perfect for storing your fashion jewelry, it’s useful and decorative. As for you genuine and expensive jewelry I wouldn’t recommend it.


Fuchsia, let’s become friends!

This pair of ear studs are a find at the dollar store. I was looking at the jewelry section – rather out of habit than because of hoping to find anything – when I saw it next to other jewelry looking as cheap as their price. These ear studs don’t. The big fuchsia stone reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring. The subtle glitter was an instant love but I wasn’t sure about the color since I’ve never had such bright-colored ear studs. At home I pulled out some clothes that I could possibly with my new purchase.


Turquoise and mint sprung immediately into my mind since they are perfect for a summer look with bright fuchsia. Rich and calm blue is also a color that pairs beautifully with this color.  And kiwi green and fuchsia are a fruit salad to wear.

The bottom row shows nothing new: bright color looks always good with neutrals like grey, greyish brown and of course, black. No surprise here. Fuchsia isn’t that difficult to wear!

Christmas Time Shopping Time


Shopping during Christmas time is always something special. On one hand the gift searching crowd really annoys me, on the other hand, I love the display windows which are beautifully decorated around this time. Lots of lights in the city!

Faire du shopping pendant que tout le monde attend le Noel est quelque chose spéciale. D’un côté, je suis contrariée par la foule cherchant le cadeau parfait, de l’autre, j’admire les jolies vitrines. Beaucoup beaucoup de guirlandes lumineuses!

Me and my friends, we wanted to watch New Moon and we wanted to meet up 15 min before the movie started. So it was a pleasant surprise to meet two friends at the trains station accidently. We soon separated since each of us had to do something before the movie.            Continue reading

Modcloth: Golden Times


It happenend when I saw the girl next to me wearing a gorgeous golden necklace. I ‘ve fallen again in love with gold.
Some days ago I discovered the online store and of course I had to look through the necklaces there.
Loads of beautiful ones! It’s impossible for me to just pick one. I like the idea to wear a pocket watch as necklace but which one is prettier? The silver or golden one?
The big necklaces – wow.

Il s’est passé quand j’ai vu la fille portant un collier doré magnifique à côté de moi. Je suis tombée amoureuse avec de l’or. Il y a quelque jours quand j’ai découvert et bien sûr il faut y regarder les colliers.
Beaucoup beaucoup de colliers beaux! Je ne suis pas capable de choisir un. L’idée d’une montre de poche portant comme collier me plaît mais quel montre est plus joli? Argenté ou doré?
Les grands colliers – tellement formidables!


I like cameos and lockets, they remind me of the elegant ladies living in luxury. And the pendant in the middle is just lovely!

J’aime les camées et les médaillons, ils me rappellent aux grandes dames vivant dans le luxe. Et le pendentif au milieu semble tellement distingué!