Print and boots, boots and print


The stores are having sales everywhere! Seriously, it’s impossible to walk down a street or even to read newspaper without seeing  ads announcing sales. I love this time of the year. You can buy new stuff for less money than usual. Besides, a lot stores offer additional discount when you reach a certain amount of articles.

My favorite places to shop during sales so far are Charles Vögele and Deichmann. Vögele does target more mature customers but there are three things older ladies do very well: Scarves, handbags and prints. I found this lovely dress there, marked down from 35€ to 10€! And since my brother got two tops there as well, we received additional 10% discount. Great! That makes 9€ for the dress and I saved 74%. Isn’t the print to die for? Such fine details.


The other place I make sure to visit during sale time is Deichmann. Buy two pair of shoes and save 50% on the lower priced one. Or get three pairs and the cheapest one is free! A brilliant deal when the family needs new shoes. I fell in love with a pair of black boots and even though they do not fit around the calves (but this does have a certain charm) I purchased them. Worn together with the dress, the boots add a harder touch to the look.




One pair of boots for winter. One pair of lace-ups when it’s too warm to wear boots. One pair of sandals when it’s too hot to wear the lace-ups. One pair of trainers for the occasion when I want to feel sporty. One pair of sneakers to go for a long walk. That’s all, no kidding.
As you’ve surely noticed I’m not a Carrie stepped out of Sex and the City nor am I that shoe crazed. Maybe there are some women to whom this stereotype applies but I’m clearly not some women. Instead, buying only what I really like and want prevents me of being attacked by an angry army of shoes once I open my imaginary cabinet full of jealous and neglected shoes. Due to this principle, I walk till my shoes fall into pieces.
This year the long-time companionship with my beloved sandals has ended and the spot is now vacant. While I was pushing my bike (without any air in the front tire) to the florist’s where Mum works I thought: Well, until Mum’s ready to leave and drive me back there’s enough time to look for a new pair of sandals at Deichmann!
Looking around inside the store I easily picked two favorites: A pair of elegant sandals in cream; and a blue and cream one in amazingly soft leather. In the end, it was the elegant pair which won since I really like elegant. And maybe it’s a tiny little bit worth mentioning that this pair was 40% off!
I admire the way how classy the sandals look. Cream is always a rather safe color choice but the gorgeous pleating makes up for the lack of exciting color. Some months ago I’ve developed a little crush on those but now as the last pair(!) has fallen into my grasp I’ve truly fallen for them.
It’s already May but where are you hiding, sun? Summer? Clean blue sky? Don’t be shy, I won’t bite.


Une paire de bottes pour l’hiver. Une paire de chaussures basses pour le temps n’étant pas l’hiver. Une paire de sandalettes quand il fait chaud. Une paire de chaussures pour le sport. Une paire de sneakers pour des longues distances. C’est tout, vraiment!
Vous remarquez que je ne suis pas une Carrie de Sex and the City. Etre dingue des chaussures, ce sont peut-être quelques femmes mais pas moi. Au lieu de cela, choisissant seulement ce que j’ai besoin et ce qui me plaît je porte mes chaussures si longtemps jusqu’à ce que je ne peuve plus les porter.
Cette année, il faut dire au revoir à mes sandalettes aimées et trouver des nouvelles. En poussant mon velo (sans air dans le pneu) vers le fleuriste où Maman travaille je m’ai dit: Alors, en attendant Mama qui me conduira à la maison je peux chercher des nouvelles sandalettes chez Deichmann.
Après y être entrée j’ai trouvé rapidement deux paire m’intéressant. Une paire élégante en crème qui, plus tard, était The One. Et une paire bleue et crème en cuir tellement doux. A la fin, c’était la paire élégante parce que j’aime élégant. Ajouté à cela, cette paire a été reduit de 40%, au contraire de l’autre.
Je trouve beau que bien qu’elles soient en couleur décente les sandalettes ne soient pas simples grâce aux petits détails dont je suis déjà tombée amoureuse avant quelque mois. Et maintenant, ces sandalettes sont les miennes!
C’est le mois de mai mais où est-il, le soleil? L’été? Le ciel bleu?

Black And New

Five winter ago I’ve bought a pair of booties. As the winters passed I went through snow with it, winter after winter.

Now it was time to part, me and my shoes. The heels were damaged, it was time to look for a new paire.
Well, the shoe store had a special offer right at that time, three pairs for the price of two. Hence, my mother, my brother and me, we entered the store and left with shoes for each one. Mine was a pair of ankle boots. Not too high since I needed one to stomp through snow and to slide over ice.
The shoes remind me of the French girl (or how we Germans imagine her): a bit flirtatious but always lovely and romantic.

Let’s hope that I will hace a nice long time to spent with my newly bought shoes and that our goodbye will be lots of years away.

Avant de cinq hivers j’ai acheté des bottines. Les hivers passeraient et je suis allée avec ces chaussures À travers de la neige, un hiver après l’autre.

Just-ce qu’à aujourd’hui. Le talon a détérioré par l’usage, il faut des nouvelles chaussures. Et voilà! Le magasin de chaussures avait une action: Trois paires pour le prix de deux!
Alors, ma mère, mon frère et moi, nous avons acheté chacun une paire.
Pour moi, les nouvelles chaussures ne seraient pas trop hautes parce que j’ai eu besoin d’une paire avec laquelle je peux pietiner à travers de la neige et peux glisser sur de la glace.
Finalement, j’ai trouvé ma paire. Les bottines me rapellent aux Francaises, un peu coquettes mais toujours romantiques.

J’espère que nous passerons un bon moment, mes bottines et moi.