Admitting defeat to summer heat

PhotobucketGranted, it’s late August and the leaves are starting to fall but the temperature has been approaching the 30°C mark. You know it’s hot when you have to reanimate your chocolate bars in the fridge. You know it’s hot when salad is all you want for lunch and dinner (I skip breakfast).You know it’s hot when you want nothing more but get your hair away from your nape.

I can’t stand hair touching down there at all. Even when I pull it into a high pony tail, its ends still tickle my nape! So yeah, time to pull a bun.


Circle braid bun

PhotobucketThis hair style is fairly simple. A regular braid is shaped into a circle, the ends are tucked into the hair tie so that they form a loop. A hair stick that holds all together. No bobby pins needed since I hate them. It gets even better, the circle braid bun is incredibly versatile: You can wear it as a half updo (as seen here), as a normal bun or as a sidebun!

I just love the fact that it’s so easy to create and nevertheless doesn’t fail to make an impression. Certainly not your everyday kind of hair style you see on the streets. It reminds me of the gorgeous hair styles you sometimes see Asian women wear in movies and pictures, full of braids and hair sticks and flowers and jewels. I wish I could do some of them but they are way too difficult.  And as much I appreciate a pretty hair style I like to be quick with my hair in the mornings. More sleep for me, you see?

Buns and sticks


Every hair type has its merits and drawbacks. For instance, fine hair may not have much volume and tends to limply hang down but it’s easy to pull into an updo. To be honest, I can’t help but feel a bit envious when I see girls with buns as if there’s no such thing as gravity. My own hair would need tons and tons of bobby pins and hairspray to achieve this hair style. And truth to be told, I can’t handle bobby pins. Backpinning? How does that work?

So I resigned myself to never be able to pull off that kind of hair. However, as often in live you discover new things that open doors that were closed to you before. In this case, it was the discovery of the hair stick.

On each side of your head braid one half French braid till you reach the ear, only including new strands into the side that’s closest to your face. From there, do a regular braid to the end and fix with a hair tie. Now gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and braid another regular braid. Fix with a hair tie. Now hold up your braid with one hand, the other hand holds the hair stick. Push the hair stick against the hair in the middle of the braid. Fold the braid over the hair stick  and rotate the stick so that the braid twists around itself and everything is pulled tight. Insert the hair stick to fix.

If you aren’t used to hair sticks that part may be difficult but don’t give up! The key to stability is knowing how to handle your hair length. Short hair will need fewer twists as long hair, more twists will hold your hair better. Try to coordinate your twists so that the ends will disappear underneath the bun and at the same time you can easily insert the hair stick. To do so push the hair stick from above, below or from the side against the braid to rotate.

Snake coiling around your head


There are days on which my straight hair bores me. It’s just … so straight. No waves and curls that create an interesting texture. How often have I wished to be born with curly hair! But then I  remember the fact that I’m lazy as hell and that my hair is super easy to take care of. Lately, I’ve went for this hair style when I wanted some texture. I especially like the way it looks from behind. And it’s so simple and stays the way it is all day. Without pins and without hairspray.



Start a French braid behind one ear and work your way to the other ear, taking up only hair to the strand that’s closest to your face. When you reach the other ear, continue braiding with the three strands you have until the end and fix it with a hair tie. Take the braid and tightly pull it behind your head towards the other ear. Take a strand from behind this ear and tie it with your braid. Remove the other hair tie. Hide the hair tie underneath a pretty barrette.