Two are better than one. When it comes to concealers.

 photo concealer1_zps5baf5073.jpeg

Sleepless nights and stressful days. It’s a powerful combination that is sure to give you dark circles under your eyes and red spots on your skin. Thankfully there is an equally powerful combination to mask them. Concealer and concealer. Concealer and concealer, you may ask. Aren’t they the same?  Well, not exactly. You see, there are concealers that work with light reflective pigments that brighten the skin. And there are concealers that rely on their high coverage to get the work done.

I like to use a sheer illuminating concealer beneath my eyes to lighten the shadows there. And as for the red spots, the high coverage of the concealer takes care of them. It’s far more difficult to find one concealer that’s supposed to be one or two shades lighter than your skin (for the circles under your eyes) AND still somehow make spots unnoticeable, meaning it should be roughly the same shade. Quite a predicament.

 photo concealer2_zps38ef4b75.jpeg

The products I usually use are the Manhattan High Cover Concealer 22 Sand and the Manhattan Wake Up Concealer 2. I find them suitable to my needs but then again I don’t have big demands when it comes to make up. They’re widely available in Germany, you can find them in any drug store.


Mirror, mirror in my pocket

PhotobucketOne of the things I dreaded most when I got into make up were panda eyes – smeared mascara and eyeliner. Quel horreur! Nowadays I’ve got my friends and family trained to tell me if that happens (trust me, that involved a lot of training!). And I got my trusty pocket mirror.

Well, three actually. One on my desk where I do my make up since I’m blind as bat without my glasses and need my mirror super close to my eyes. One in my bag, so that I can prevent panda eyes and touch up my lipstick. And one that stays in my make up pouch all the time so that I never forget bringing a mirror with me on travel. That happened once and it was really aggravating.

Rival de Loop Automatic Eyeliner in 09 black and 01 white

PhotobucketWhat’s your opinion on eyeliner pencils? Love them, hate them, need them?

I find them awesome. Not only can they make my eyes more noticeable, they are also fabulous to fill in and define my eyebrows. And as eyeshadow base they even make sure that my eyeshadow stays put for hours! So multifunctional!
PhotobucketI have to confess that I’m not picky when it comes to make up. Most of the time I don’t expect it to be smudge-proof and water-proof. Or lasting a whole day without a smidgen of creasing. Because, well, I can live with it! No one is going to take macro shots of my eye make up on a regular day and I don’t go out without an umbrella when it’s raining and I don’t touch around my eyes much since I wear glasses. So yeah, I find it a bit strange when people buy more and more make up, just to find the perfect one.
PhotobucketI like these: Rival de Loop Automatic Eyeliner in 09 black and 01 white. They’re soft to the eye and well pigmented with one stroke. Not fully opaque but again, I can live with that. They’re neither smudge-proof nor water-proof, which makes it easy to correct a failed flick: Just wipe it away with a finger and try again. As long you don’t put them through heavy rain or rub your eyes, everything will be fine. The eyeliner pencils are twist ups so you actually don’t need the sharpeners that they come with. There is one thing that gets me annoyed each time it happens: The plastic cap is quite fragile, one crash onto the bathroom tiles and it’s cracked. Other than that I’m quite happy with this product and with a price of about 2€ (1,60€ when it’s on sale) I can’t complain. The brand Rival de Loop is only available in Rossmann stores.

L’Oréal Paris Color Infaillible in 004 Forever Pink


I don’t know when I started to like soft pink as an eyeshadow color. Maybe when I saw how often Michelle Phan would apply pink and peachy eyeshadows in her older videos and  looked great with them. I guess that was how it started.

The L’Oréal Paris Color Infaillible eyeshadows are loose pigments that are not loose. But they aren’t your typical pressed  eyeshadows, either. They’re very loosely pressed loose eyeshadows. Does that makes sense? A lot of blogs compare them to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow, they’re supposed to have a similar texture.

In Germany I’ve seen them for about 10€ at Rossmann but there’s no need to pay the full price! Rossmann regularly offers a 20% discount on L’Oréal cosmetics, so wait until then. And if you’re one of those lucky people who have those discount vouchers for 10% on everything, you can get an eyeshadow for 7€! Much better, isn’t it? But if you’re very impatient, go to dm, they’ve got them for 8€.


004 Forever Pink is a pale pink that has a metallic sheen and gold and pink glimmer. On the photos above you see the eyeshadow swatched on white eyeliner on the left, which dims the shine and draws out a pastel pink. On the right it’s swatched without anything underneath. It turns to a more rose gold color on my bare lids with a lovely shine, so no fear of a swollen eye look. I like to wear it on its own as a wash paired with a black eyeliner. Easy and pretty. No fuss with brushes, either.


DIY: Make up pouch


Do you know the feeling when you’re looking for something but nothing appeals to you? Ugly, too big, too pricey. I search and search and find nothing. At some point I get angry and frustrated and then there are two paths I can go: Either I give up on it entirely or I make it myself. This time I decided to try to sew a small pouch for my make up.


There are really lovely patterns freely available on the Internet, I chose this one. Since I don’t have a sewing machine at my place it took some time to get everything done. But sewing by hand is pretty soothing and it’s a perfect pastime while watching House M.D.! I used the same lining fabric as on the pinboard and chose a red zipper and red thread for contrast. Since the fabric on its own wasn’t stiff enough I added felt between two layer of fabric. And voilà!


I’m so in love with rouge


A tube of classic red lipstick is the cosmetic equivalent of my trusted hand calculator. They both solve problems fast with little thought involved! My skin looks kind of dull today? Dab some red lipstick on, the stain brightens your face instantly. Your choice of clothing today is poor? Wear bright red lips and you will look as if you’ve put some effort into dressing.


Red lipstick is a classic that goes with everything every time. For university I like to wear it dabbed on. My own lip color changes the stain into a gorgeous fruity pink, which looks natural with a pop of color. During grocery shopping I wear one layer of red lipstick with a hint of translucency. If I want to go for an especially dressy look, an opaque red lip it is.

It’s easy to tell: I love wearing red lipstick! Shockingly, I only possess one lipstick, the Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 535 Red Passion. I love this so much, I even bought a second tube when I thought I had lost it! (I found it in one of my handbags later and gave it Mum.) It’s the perfect strawberry red, my favorite shade of red! The lipstick is a tad drying so lip balm underneath is a must but it’s so worth it.


Green eyeliner with ombre effect

PhotobucketLately, I have been reaching for my green eyeliner more often. It’s color leans towards turquoise and I believe it’s a quite nice way to add a bit of color to your eye make up.

I wore this eyeliner seldom before because it doesn’t open up my eyes like a black eyeliner does. And it isn’t easy to wing out. But then I saw pictures of two-tone eyeliner and I knew it would work out beautifully.

Just line your eyes with the color of your choice (not black) and wing out the end. Make sure that the color shows up well. Then line your eyes again with a black eyeliner. But draw a thinner line close to the lashes and wing out. This will open up the eyes. Now trace over the black with the eyeliner you used at the beginning. This creates an ombre effect with the darkest color (black mixed with the color of your choice) close to the lash line, which gives depth and definition to the eyes.