Naked Ape: Switch & Dolls

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Switch by Naked Ape:

Chasing people with drugs in their possession, that’s Kai’s and Hal’s profession. Especially, the Chinese organisation Ryuugen whose name you can hear everywhere in the drug scene has to be captured. And lately there’s the rumour that Ryuugen is somehow connected to the mysterious Switch. But what is Switch?                    Continue reading


Back To Manga

My interest in mangas has decreased for some time but now it’s fully back. I’m quiet picky about mangas since I draw myself, only a good plot is not enough for me. At the moment I’m reading these:

Après avoir lit moins de mangas ce dernier temps j’ai commencé à en lire plus. En cherchant les mangas auquels je m’intéresse j’en ai trouvé trois qui sont superbes.

Wolf Guy,TABATA Yoshiaki,YOGO YuukiThe Breaker,Jeon Keuk-jin,Park Jin-hwanAo no Exorcist,Katou Kazue

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From left to right:
Wolf Guy (Tabata Yoshiaki/Yogo Yuuki)
It’s about a boy, a werewolf, who lives amidst humans without them knowing anything. Because of his provocative behavior, which is the result of his opinion wolves were better than humans, he’s always involved in fights ending with unfortunate accidents. That’s why he has to change schools often. But it seems that his secret is about to be revealed when he meets his new homeroom teacher whom he just doesn’t know how to deal with. And there are also these thugs who don’t like him very much.      Continue reading