Mascara fling


35 days. Thirty-five days from the day I used it the first time until it was finished. What the hell? Mascara isn’t supposed to finished in a month it should last for at least half a year (the label says six months!) And there is all the talk about not using the same mascara for too long because of the risk of bacteria.

It’s the Maybelline Jade New York Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara I’m referring to. I wasn’t happy with that one from the start, hate the wand. There’s always way too much product, which make my lashes droop. In addition, it’s too thick for my short lashes so that it’s difficult to reach all lashes. I just love my Maybelline Jade New York Stretch&Define Waterproof, the wand is just perfect for me! So good that I even saved the wand from it to apply the Volum’ Express.


Actually, I ought to be relieved that I finished this awful mascara that quickly. But on the other hand, it hurts to have spent about 6€ for something that lasted only a month. A fling! After this I returned to my trusted Stretch&Define – for a long-lasting relationship.