Autumn brings change along

Summer is leaving to make space for autumn. There is more rain than sunshine. And I’ve started to wear my thick pair of socks. The seasons are changing. Not only the seasons. I’m about to leave home for a place of my own (even if it’s just the dorms), I’m starting university  and I won’t be able to see my family everyday. Everyone (including the law) says that when you reach 18 then you’re an adult. Legally yes but I say that it’s the time when you leave home – that’s becoming an adult. Emotionally. I’m pretty nervous about that. New environment, new faces – lots of things to deal with. And at the moment, I just don’t want to face it.

Besides that, this blog has changed, too. New theme, new header, new name. I had the impression that the original theme Koi didn’t manage to convey the content. It wasn’t clean enough, the columns not big enough, the header wasn’t distinctive. Quintus on the other hand, looks lovely! The header was made with a stock photo (Autumn stock1 by sacmaluk). Love the colors, the purple, violet and then this pop of warm orange…



Poised for prom

In a couple of years I will open my photo album and I want to be able to say: “I looked good at prom!” Prom is one of the most exciting events when it comes to graduation and everyone wants to look their best. Girls discuss potential dancing partners, get an appointment with their hairdresser, obsess over dresses months before.

So how did I do? I’ve been interning for two months in a place where one could choke on the testosterone in the air. Furthermore, ugly, ill-fitting, boring working clothes didn’t help me to feel pretty, either. Well, when prom arrived I was ready to go all out and ooze femininity!

When putting together looks I always think of colors first, I love contrast. For prom I settled on three main colors:Photobucket


Black. LBD, the little black dress. One can never go wrong with this. I bought mine years ago but fortunately, it still fits. Money saved! I dislike spending much on things that I can only wear once or twice. Tight at the top, which emphasizes a slim waist, the dress flares at the bottom. A flattering cut for slender women.

White. Black and white is a classic and so chic. Besides, going all black with my hair and dress can be a bit too much. White flowers pinned onto the dress and into the hair create focus and soften the look in a romantic way. Pearls add an elegant finish.

Red. When I first began to envision my prom look I instantly knew that I wanted to go for red lips. I even bought the lipstick in January although the prom was in July! And I think that it looks great with black and white.

Black, white, red: Seeing a theme? No? How about black as ebony, white as snow and red as blood? Ringing any bells? This color scheme is such a classic and looks so well put together.

In the end, it’s all about who you want to be that one night.The pretty, sweet princess with the nude make up? Or is the elegant queen with the dramatic make up more to your liking? Don’t be afraid to try something new! It is your night, after all.

England Part 1: Underwhelmed by Stonehenge

Seeing pictures and seeing the real thing, there’s a difference. In 2D Stonehenge looks impressive, huge stones raising their head high into the sky. I imagined to be overcome by a strange feeling, to be overwhelmed by its sheer age and size, to realize how small I am compared to it. I wanted to feel lost, to lose myself on this hill, to let my worries be carried away for a moment.


However, reality is sobering as I discovered on a school trip to England. Stonehenge is nothing more than a few old rocks on a big patch of grass. It certainly doesn’t help that fences obscure my view and flocks of tourists diminish any hope of enjoying myself in tranquility, either.


At least there were small audio guides for everyone, even in German, so that everyone could go at his own pace. Works well for me since I’m usually a bit slower than others.  Nonetheless, I still had to wait for people to get back. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one waiting. Some odd birds were so nice to put on a little show to entertain bored tourists. They’re really funny. And odd. But the big bird at the right didn’t seem to be faced at all.  A group of clowns, those birds.

In the end I went back with a smile on my lips.  Stonehenge wasn’t too bad.


Math Exam

You have 3 doors. A car is behind one. You pick a door. A wrong door – not the one you’ve chosen – is opened. There are now 2 doors left, one with the car and one without. Now you’re asked if you want to stay with your choice or if you want to switch the door.
Will the probability of winning rise if you choose to change the door or will it stay the same?

Il y a 3 portes. Derrière d’une, il y a une voiture que tu peux gagner. Tu chois une porte. Une mauvaise porte est ouverte mais pas cela que tu as choisi. Il reste 2 portes. Tu sais qu’il y a une avec la voiture et une sans elle. Tu es demandé si tu veux rester avec ton choix ou si tu veux la changer.
Est-ce que la probabilité de gagner s’élévera si on change la porte ou est-ce qu’elle ne change pas?

To read my answer click. Continue reading

Lost in White

This weekend there have been lots of snow. Looking out of the window I see nothing because of the blinding white of the snow.
There was a snow storm announced which is why school was canceled on Monday. One day without school, that was pretty nice. It would have been even nicer if I’ve known that it was canceled. But no, instead I went to the bus stop early in the morning and was told by the bus driver that there was no school that day.
I went striaght home and went to sleep in my soft bed which was still warm. The next time I will listen to the radio before going to school.

Cette semaine, il ya avait très beaucoup de neige. Quand je regarde par la fenêtre je ne vois rien sauf la neige.
C’est la raison pour laquelle, l’école était supprimée lundi. C’était bien. C’aurait été mieux si j’avais su qu’elle était supprimée. Au lieu de cela, je suis allée au arrêt d’autobus et le conducteur de bus a du m’expliquer qu’il n’avait pas d’école cette jour-là.
Je suis rendue et je me suis couchée tout de suite. La prochaine fois j’écouterai la radio pour savoir si l’école est supprimée.


Have you ever done mistakes in exams which are completely stupid?
Avez-vous déjà fait des fautes idiotes dans des exams?

♣ Forgetting to answer the second part of the question? Often happens in Math.
♣ Misreading the question? I once read a task as “it lowered 25%” instead of “it lowered to 25%”.
♣ Misunderstanding a question? Question:”Which charge does the particle have?” Correct answer: “Negative charge.” My answer: “The charge is (vm):(Br).”

♣ Oublier la réponse pour la seconde partie de la question? Je l’oublie souvent. Particulièrement, dans l’exam de math.
♣ Pas lire vraiment la question? J’ai lit “il tombe 25%” et pas “il tombe sur 25%” une fois.
♣ Comprende la question de travers? Question:”Quelle charge est-ce que la particule a?” Réponse correcte: “Elle est négative.” Ma réponse: ” Elle est (vm):(Br).”                  Continue reading


Finally – weekend! No more exams for the next few weeks which means I’ll have enough time to read lots of mangas and books, to finish my painting and to sleep!
At the moment I don’t feel good, I’m afraid that I’ll become sick since I feel very exhausted lately.
Well, I’m going to get enough sleep this night and hopefully everything will be better the next day!

Le week-end est enfin là! Et pas des exams pour les prochaines semaines, ce dit que j’aurai du temps pour lire des mangas et des livres, pour finir ma peinture et pour dormir!
En ce moment je sent mal a l’aise, j’ai peur que je devienne malade, parce que je suis tout le temps épuisée.
Alors, je dormirai assez cette nuit et j’espère que tout ira bien.