Battling the blazer blues

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There have been a couple of days in April when it was warm enough to ditch the coat and bring out my beloved blazer. It’s quite surprising how much I like this garment because blazers aren’t really my thing. I usually feel really weird wearing them: as if I’m costuming as an older business woman.  It doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t feel like me. In addition, the lapels and the low placement of buttons make me look even more flat-chested than I am, which isn’t flattering at all. That is why I stayed well away from them while the other girls (and boys!) were rocking blazers during school. One particular summer white blazers were all the rage and everyone was wearing one. It didn’t look good on many people but then again, that’s fashion and not style.

So fast forward a few years to last summer and I was facing a huge task. Well, in my eyes it was huge. My jacket for summer, a casual sand denim number, wasn’t doing it anymore. It somehow acquired large yellow stains in the back which didn’t come off. So yeah, new jacket. Besides shoes I hate shopping for outerwear because I have lots of requirements. It should be comfortable to wear, easy to clean, keep me warm. Make me look nice, able to be worn for years, match with my wardrobe,  and not be boring. You see, there are a few boxes to be ticked off.

Unenthusiastic is the word to describe my state while I was browsing through every clothing store in vicinity. Luckily, you don’t need a changing cubicle to try on a jacket. Otherwise it would have taken me much longer because I literally tried on everything that somehow resembled a jacket. Usually, I look at the garment on the clothes hanger and decide whether it’s worth trying on or not. But if I had used that approach that time, I would have left empty-handed. I needed to keep an open mind. So I put on everything. Even blazers, though I didn’t have high hopes. Last summer seemed to be the year of bright, colorful blazers. They were everywhere. Emerald, bright red, neon yellow. Not my thing.

Well, in the end I bought a blazer in blue and black. And you know what? It took some time but now I love it. I like the colors: just blue would have been too much color. Only black too severe. Instead, it looks modern but still classy. And no lapels! It did come with a low placed clasp but I added a clasp higher up which is much better. Now it’s perfect! I’m glad that I overcame my prejudice against blazers. Sometimes you just have to give things a few more tries.


Autumn brings change along

Summer is leaving to make space for autumn. There is more rain than sunshine. And I’ve started to wear my thick pair of socks. The seasons are changing. Not only the seasons. I’m about to leave home for a place of my own (even if it’s just the dorms), I’m starting university  and I won’t be able to see my family everyday. Everyone (including the law) says that when you reach 18 then you’re an adult. Legally yes but I say that it’s the time when you leave home – that’s becoming an adult. Emotionally. I’m pretty nervous about that. New environment, new faces – lots of things to deal with. And at the moment, I just don’t want to face it.

Besides that, this blog has changed, too. New theme, new header, new name. I had the impression that the original theme Koi didn’t manage to convey the content. It wasn’t clean enough, the columns not big enough, the header wasn’t distinctive. Quintus on the other hand, looks lovely! The header was made with a stock photo (Autumn stock1 by sacmaluk). Love the colors, the purple, violet and then this pop of warm orange…


Cozy And Warm


The days are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping. It’s time for warmer clothes.

Les jours raccourcissent, il fait froid. C’est le temps quand on a besoin des vêtements d’hiver.

My feet are pretty fast cold – actually they’re always cold although they seem to be supplied enough with blood. Have you ever seen pink soles of foot?
That’s why warming socks are really important for me during the cold season. When the temperatures are dropping I always have to make sure I have enough and stock up on socks. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that idea, the cashier told me she’d sold almost only socks on that day.

J’ai froide aux pieds très vite – au juste, j’y ai froide tout le temps bien que mes pieds semblent bien irriguer. Avez-vous déjà vu des plantes du pied en rose vif?
C’est la raison pour laquelle les chaussettes tenant chaudes sont très important dans l’hiver. Quand il commence à faire froid j’ai besoin  des acheter. Apparemment, je ne suis pas seule avec cette idée parce que la cassière m’a dit qu’elle avait vendu beaucoup de chaussettes ce jour-là.

When it’s getting colder everyone runs to the stores to buy warming socks. Except for my father. He buys socks throughout the year!

Quand il commence à fair froid tous les gens vont au magasin pour acheter des chaussettes. A part mon père les achetant toute l’année!

PS: I need to write an super awesome text for French now.
PS:  Je dois écrire un texte magnifique pour le court de francais maintenant.