lavera basis sensitiv All-round Cream

PhotobucketWhen it comes to skin care I like to stick to the same products. I like to be able to rely on products that work well on my skin. So when my favorite face cream was discontinued, I found myself at loss. After I tried several options by different brands I came across lavera. And now that I’ve been using the face cream for over 3 months I can say that I really enjoy using it.Photobucketlavera basis sensitiv All-round Cream comes in round tin which measures abour 9 cm in diametre and contains 150 ml. This is a lot when you consider that you only pay about 5€ for it. And it’s even natural cosmetics, certified unter the natrue label. But those are only formalities, the important point is: Does it perform well?

The cream itself is pale yellow and scented. At first you might be taken back a bit for the scent is quite noticeable. It doesn’t smell floral at all, in fact, it’s a creamy herbal scent that doesn’t suggest a certain target group. Therefore, men and women and even children may like it. Concerning the texture of the cream, it’s feels like a firm body butter or like Nivea (not the soft version, the original) or like Dove Intensive Moisturing Cream. Just like the other creams I listed (especially Dove) it’s aimed at particularly dry skin. But although it is a very rich cream and does feel greasy while being applied, it sinks right into my skin after some rubbing. It’s amazing! One second ago, it’s on my skin with all its greasiness, in the next it has disappeared, leaving my skin wonderfully soft.

Besides its good performance, I love the fact that’s so economical. On the second photo you can see the amount of cream that’s left after 3 months use. I haven’t even used half of it. Usually, in that space of time  I go by one pot of 50 ml cream that cost at least the same for one-third of the amount. Well, my skin loves it, my wallet loves it, I love it. I think, we found  a winner!


Reliable and cheap: Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch and Pflegendes Gesichtswasser

Remember when I wrote about good cleansers not being necessarily pricey? The Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch and Pflegendes Gesichtswasser are perfect examples. “Milde Reinigungsmilch” translates into “mild cleansing lotion” and “Pflegendes Gesichtswasser” into “nurturing toner”. Rival de Loop is only available in Rossmann stores because it’s a house brand. At the moment you can find Rossmann in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Turkey.


Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch:
The off-white container with a light turquoise cap is about 15 cm tall and 7 cm wide. It contains 200 ml and retails at 0,99 €.

The white cleansing lotion is quite liquid, it has the texture of a light moisturizer. It’s supposed tobe  applied it with  fingertips and then removed with water.  I like to splash some water on my face before to get rid of some dirt before applying the cleanser in circular motions onto my wet face. This saves product. After that I remove with water.

This cleanser easily gets rid of my concealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Water resistant products need more work, I tend to slighty (very slightly!) rub at those places. My water-resistant mascara and liquid eyeliner can’t be removed with this cleanser alone – but I don’t expect it since this cleanser isn’t labelled as  makeup remover for water-resistant products. So it’s fine. In combination with the toner and my night cream every makeup disappears without trace.

In conclusion, the Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch does a good job of cleansing my skin.  It’s not a miracle product but it does what a cleanser is supposed to do and I’m satisfied. And it’s cheap. Even more because all few weeks it’s on sale for 0,79 € And then there are still the 10 % discount coupon by Rossmann, which are amazing. A good product at a good price.

Rival de Loop Clean & Care Pflegendes Gesichtswasser:
The toner comes in a semitransparent container (approx. 15 cm tall and 7 cm wide) through which you can still see the pink color of the 200 ml of the liquid. You can get it for 0,99 €.

The toner feels like water and behaves like water. I put some of it on a cotton pad and then gently sweep on my face.  Eyeliner and mascara stains under my eyes  – the panda eyes – are easy to remove with this product. For me, it’s like a second cleansing.

Although a toner isn’t a must I really like to use it. I get the impression that it soothes my skin, especially, after breakouts. Even my mum feels the same, she skips the cleanser but never the toner! Like the cleanser, you can get it cheaper when it’s on sale.

One small step for you, one big step for your skin

Beauty is only skin deep.

Well, that doesn’t mean that skin isn’t worth any attention. Besides, people constantly draw conclusions from your looks – it’s unintentional. Your dark circles under the eyes may be the result of a restless night or you simply have them (some people sleep and sleep but never get rid of their circles). Or your physique can be an indicator of your love for greasy food but it’s also possible that it’s genetic. You see it’s not easy. People search for signs in your outward appearance to get information about you. You think that’s superficial ? It isn’t worse than basing opinions on rumors and gossip.

But in contrast to rumors you have a certain control over your outward appearance, so why not adjust it to the image you want people to see? Give them the right signals? Show them on the outside who you are?

Skin condition  is one of the first things people notice when meeting a person. It isn’t necessary the most noticeable unlike the eyes but it plays a major role. I often think of someone not so attractive: Why don’t I find him/her good-looking?  More often than not it’s because of the skin. Pimples and redness distract from nice eyes, a cute nose or full lips.

Then a good skin condition is what we ought to aim for. In other words we want normal skin. Fear not, it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming to achieve .  It’s only if you let it be. Remember, there are always options.

The first step of every daily skin care routine is cleansing. Cleansing is meant to remove dirt and make up from your face. Some people prefer to use only water. In fact, my mother has washed her face only with water for decades and her skin looks amazing! For me, this doesn’t work because I tend to get pimples now and then and because I use water-resistant make up. So I started to use a drugstore cleanser during puberty and it certainly improved my skin and lessened the appearance of impurities. Great! Since then, I’ve been regularly cleansing my skin every day.

See, that doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Cleansing takes only a few seconds in the morning and in the evening (you can also skip a cleanser in favor of water in the morning if you want)! A good cleanser doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Since it touches your skin for only a short time a basic one should do. Mine is from a drugstore and it’s really really cheap (less than 1€ for 200 ml). It’s only important that it doesn’t do anything bad to your skin, e.g. irritation, and that YOU like it. If you don’t then it’s possible that someday you will start to just skip it. Add cleansing to your daily routine just like toothbrushing!

April, April, I see the beginning and the end

It’s April. That makes three months without blogging. I can’t say that I really missed it – my mind was occupied with thoughts on the Abitur (final secondary-school examinations in Germany)! But now the worst is over only one oral examination left and then: Wait, wait, wait. For the results.

In the meantime, I’m planning to do some posts about methods and ways to make oneself look good. Of course, looking good is relatively spoken. I want to show how to improve one’s outward appearance because  it’s not that difficult. But I see a lot of people who could do better. In most cases it’s due to neglect of something entirely trivial, e. g. not enough care for colored hair, too little sleep, inadequate eating habits… It’s nothing grave, nonetheless it affects you and your body.

And we all know: Small things build up into a bigger problem. And we all want to prevent that, don’t we?

Then: Shall we start?