Lost in White

This weekend there have been lots of snow. Looking out of the window I see nothing because of the blinding white of the snow.
There was a snow storm announced which is why school was canceled on Monday. One day without school, that was pretty nice. It would have been even nicer if I’ve known that it was canceled. But no, instead I went to the bus stop early in the morning and was told by the bus driver that there was no school that day.
I went striaght home and went to sleep in my soft bed which was still warm. The next time I will listen to the radio before going to school.

Cette semaine, il ya avait très beaucoup de neige. Quand je regarde par la fenêtre je ne vois rien sauf la neige.
C’est la raison pour laquelle, l’école était supprimée lundi. C’était bien. C’aurait été mieux si j’avais su qu’elle était supprimée. Au lieu de cela, je suis allée au arrêt d’autobus et le conducteur de bus a du m’expliquer qu’il n’avait pas d’école cette jour-là.
Je suis rendue et je me suis couchée tout de suite. La prochaine fois j’écouterai la radio pour savoir si l’école est supprimée.


New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

The last  day of 2009 arrived and like every year in New Year’s Eve my family spent the time mainly in the living room watching TV. Since you can always count on the fact that the TV program in that day is terrible, we were prepared this time. Equipped with the DVD of The Lord Of The Rings I the time till midnight was pleasant and not too boring. I’ve never seen the movie but read the books and thus was surprised how well-made it is. I really like the rich palette of colors and the rosy and golden tint.

After midnight we went outside to set the fireworks. I still don’t see any reason to buy firecrackers but my brother loves them. Let’s face it. They do nothing except being loud and hurting the ears, the aren’t even pretty!          Continue reading

Gentlemen Of Snow


While I was on the way to thee post office to send my self-made Christmas card I met this handsome gentlemen at the left. Very chic with the stylish bright yellow hat, isn’t he?
And this gentlemen at the right is a present I got from a friend. His head is made of a Raffaello, the Christmas tree of colored hazelnuts.

Merry Christmas!

En allant à la poste pour envoyer une carte de Noel j’ai rencontré cet homme à gauche. Il a du style, n’est-ce pas? Avec ce chapeau jaune.
L’homme à doite était un cadeau d’une copine. Sa tête est faite avec un Raffaello de la marque Ferrero. Et la sapin des noisettes colorées.

Joyeuses Fêtes!



December! Only 24 days till Christmas! Have you already opened your Advent calendar? This year I’ve got even two, this makes twice as much chocolate for me as usual!

The last month of this year has started and it already became much colder today. Cycling to school I saw a huge yellow celestial body but wasn’t sure what it exactly was. I guess it was the moon since it was full moon yesterday night.

Le décembre! Encore 24 jours jusqu’à Noël! Avez-vous ouvert votre calendrier de l’avent? Cette année j’ai deux celles-ci. Deux fois la quantité du chocolat pour moi!

Le dernier mois de cette année a commencé et il a déjà fait plus froid aujourd’hui. En allant à l’école j’ai vu un grand corps céleste jaune mais je n’ai pas su ce qui est. Je crois c’était la lune parce qu’il y a eu la pleine lune hier nuit.